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Do you have a broken website in Rexburg that needs to be fixed? Sometimes we just need to fix the broken website without touching the design or the rest of the programming. Usually this is cheaper and faster than doing a redesign.

Our services include:

  • Just Fix The Problem – No Redesign Involved
  • Add Images, Text, Video, Audio or Whatever To An Already Existing Website
  • Upgrade WordPress, Magento, etc.
  • Customizations
Fix Broken Website Rexburg

Magento 2.0

If you have a Magento E-commerce store, you have probably heard by now that Magento is upgrading to version 2.0.  This is great news for the industry in that Magento 2.0 will provide a much better E-commerce platform than any of the previous versions.  The bad news is that upgrading from Magento 1.9 to 2.0 will not be simple.  For many websites, upgrading to version 2.0 will require a complete redesign from the ground up.  Magento is providing support for previous versions until around 2018-2019, after which they will stop all support for versions 1.9 and earlier.  Sooner or later, everyone will have to upgrade to the newest version of Magento.  Here at Improvboy, we will not be updating any Magento web stores to version 2.0 until early 2016. If you are wanting to start a brand new Magento E-commerce website, our recommendation is to go ahead and have a Magento 1.9 website built now to start earning money, and then sometime before 2019 upgrade to Magento 2.0. Please request a quote or contact us to find out more information.