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Find the PHP Version on Your Server & Website

How To Find PHP Version

Need To Find the PHP Version on Your Server & Website?

There are times when I am working on websites that I need to either find out which PHP version is being used on the website, or I need to know what PHP modules are enabled on the server. In both cases, I find it easier to do this little trick than to go into the guts of the server to find out this information.

First, copy the following code:


Paste it in a simple text editor like Windows Notepad or NoteTab. Don’t use Microsoft Word or another word processing program. Save the file as php-info.php (not php-info.php.txt or php-info.txt).

FTP this file to the root of your domain, or use cPanel File Manager to upload the file.

Go to

Now you can see everything you have ever wanted to know and more about your PHP configuration. From this report:

  • which PHP version you are using
  • finding the path to the php.ini file
  • sometimes the path to the extensions folder
  • which PHP modules are enabled on your server


Sheri Smith

Sheri Smith

Head Programmer and Graphic Artist

Sheri is the head programmer for Improvboy, and has been working in the industry since the 1990's. Her expertise is mostly in HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, and javascript. If you need a website, ecommerce store, or website fixes, please don't hesitate to contact her here. She will be happy to help you out.

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